A most moving and award-winning headstone

THARP PHOTOThis has to be one of the most moving memorials I’ve ever seen. It’s in America and it’s of a young 20 year old girl and at first glance it looks as though there is a full size sculpture of her sitting atop the headstone.


P1070303However if you look from the side you can see that it is only ( I say “only” but it’s truly a work of art) an etching of her.

It also has  a 3D effect as it looks as though she’s looking at you from whatever angle you look at her from.

The more I look at this memorial the more amazed I am at the skill of the person who etched her. Unfortunately I doubt there’s a cemetery in the UK that would allow it now although in times gone by it certainly would have been.  It would be an honour to be involved in producing this type of memorial.


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