Cemetery memorials

Hand cut lettering on late headstone

Hand cut lettering on late headstone

All types of stone are permitted such as Granite, Marble, Slate, Limestone( such as Portland ) and Yorkstone

Granite is the hardest of all the materials used for memorials and requires the least amount of maintenance. Unsurprisingly it is therefore the most popular choice of stone.


These are areas in the cemeteries where only Headstones (with or without bases) are permitted by the authorities.


Headstones with  full kerb surrounds or either allowed elsewhere in the cemetery or not permitted at all.  Please ask for further details if you require a full kerb surround

Each cemetery has rules and regulations  regarding the size of these memorials but virtually any finish, such as Polished, is permitted and we offer you the best advice regarding these regulations when discussing your memorial .

Please click here to browse through our selection of lawn headstones to give you an idea of what we can do for you. There are many other designs available so please ask for our brochure for a wider and more complete choice.

BOULDER HEADSTONELight Grey Granite BOULDER type Headstone with sea / landscape design.

This design was taken from an original painting by the client. It has been Hand Cut and painted by ourselves.

We have also hand cut and painted other designs such as a flowers ( see slate headstone opposite), birds, horses, dogs and of course cats!

If you would like to decorate your memorial with a very personal and unique design let us know and we’ll see what we can do for you.



This most moving and award winning memorial is in the USA. It’s of a 20 year old young woman.

From the front it looks like it is a full size sculpture


But if you look from the side it is in fact an etching of the young woman onto the flat surface of the granite memorial. She also appears to be in 3D from this angle although you probably need a larger picture to appreciate this aspect of it.

It truly is a work of art.