Churchyard Memorials


These are often referred to as Gravestones, Headstones or less commonly these days, Tombstones

The regulations here are more restrictive than in cemeteries and in the counties of Somerset, Devon and Dorset if granite is allowed then it must have a honed or matt finish sometimes referred to as eggshell. Polished granite is not permitted at all.


The  headstone to the right with an engraving of a cat is situated in Moorland, Somerset. You may recognize the name as it was a small village that was evacuated during the flooding of January 2014. I have an aerial photo of Moorland showing it to be completely under water with all the houses flooded.

This meant that the churchyard was also flooded including all the memorials!

I visited it later in the summer and the devastation was still very evident. I looked for evidence of a flood line on the headstone but although many stones had this, this particular one did not or at least it didn’t appear to have one which seemed strange as all but the tallest ones did

However on closer inspection three was a faint flood line about 1cm down from the top of the centre point. The headstone had all but been submerged for about a month in filthy flood water and yet a few months later still looked none the worse for it!

A good avert indeed for the durability of the stones we use.

As I write this there are still several houses being repaired due to flood

It is safe to say that regarding the colour of granite headstones in Somerset and Devon churchyards any shade of Grey  is permitted.

Dorset churchyards tend to favour indigenous limestone stones such as Portland or Purbeck . Again we will check to see what exactly is permitted before you order so that you are not disappointed.


Headstone Memorial engraving-17

This classical style memorial is of NABRESINA limestone and has a handcut and painted Spaniel and fishing rod as designs. The spaniel is an image of the deceased’s favourite dog which makes it much more personal to the family  and shows the sort of country loving character the deceased was.