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It’s only natural to think  that  the inscription and photos or designs are placed only on the front of the memorial but if you approach the memorial from behind it is sometimes difficult to see exactly where it is especially if there are many other headstones around it.

Therefore consider placing something on the back. In a cemetery local to us there is one area where most people approach it from this direction. Not surprisingly, although only gradual at fist, putting a design or the deceased’s name or nickname on the back has become a very common pratice. We’ve even placed whole poems that meant a great deal to the client  on the back as there wasn’t room on the front especially if two names were required there eventually.

Ever considered putting something on the sides of the headstone? This might seem odd at first as they are usually only 3″ – 4″ wide but flowers and crosses are sometimes found here and if done correctly can greatly enhance the look of the memorial as well as make it unique.

Let your imagination run when thinking about what wording and designs you wish to say or have  on any memorial. Sometimes there’s room and sometimes not but a good mason should always be able to offer something workable.

Deciding on the wording is always very difficult – indeed many people have said it is harder than the funeral itself – so I hope this post  has helped you in some way.



Jim Crossman