This memorial is the front of the Welsh Slate headstone shown on the bottom right of this page with Hand Cut Letters and Floral design also cut  by hand. When carved in slate the letters do not need painting as the natural difference in shade is enough to define the lettering.

SLATE –   The most famous slate is Welsh slate but others such as Cumbrian or Westmoorland (Green)  slate and Delabole from Cornwall have also proved popular as memorials. Indeed it is one of the most durable materials that can be used for a memorial. There are many examples of Slate headstones that were carved over 200 years ago where the lettering is still as clear now as it was when it was first cut! Only the best quality should be used but this comes at a price.

The vast majority of all headstones in cemeteries erected in the last 20 years are made of granite. If you truly want to your memorial to stand out from the granite crowd then choosing a slate one will do this. It’s not just for churchyards, a slate headstone can be erected anywhere and will make a fine statement.

We love slate, it allows for very fine carving and lettering and as an artist as well as a mason it’s a pleasure to work. It also means we spend a good deal of time working with the client which is always a good thing!

Prices vary of course but prices start at around £2000 for a basic design approximately 1 metre high but for one like the above with both front and back having handcarved designs and letters you need to allow at least £3000.

Given the amount of time it’ll be there and admired, it’s not that expensive.







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